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Men of the Earth are as classic as they come. Designed in France from light denim, they sit comfortably on the waist and have a skinny fit.
Once you have created your custom jeans here, you will get a link to our body scanning app as well as an appointment on video call with our expert tailor, to ensure you have the perfect fit.


  • RED SELVEDGE RD001 + €0,00

  • RED SELVEDGE RD002 + €0,00

  • RED SELVEDGE RD003 + €0,00

  • RED SELVEDGE RD001 + €0,00


  • ZIP + €0,00

  • BUTTON + €0,00


  • navy blue + €0,00

  • beige + €0,00

  • off white + €0,00

  • mustard + €0,00

  • orange + €0,00

  • bronze + €0,00


Denim Fabric

All of our fabrics are made in Japan. It’s 100% cotton and meticulously crafted by our artisans who have been making jeans for over forty years. Our light denim fabric is sure to provide you with the superior quality and texture that you deserve.


The beauty of made to measure is that the fit is always perfect. Everything is tailored to your body measurements. No more sizes. No more compromise. Your jeans are truly one of a kind.


Not only are our jeans made-to-measure but they are also completely customisable. You can choose everything from the style of the waist, a button-fly or zipper, even the colour of the threads used in the seams. Everything is up to you. Your jeans are unique to you.

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